Jessica Simpson denies plastic surgery rumors

Jessica Simpson, the star of “The Dukes of Hazzard,” has lately attracted a lot of attention about her butt and lips. There was a lot of speculation that her butt was the result of butt augmentation plastic surgery, padded underwear or workout. Simpson has announced that she actually achieved her almost perfect butt by simply working out regularly with professional help.

Regarding her fuller lips, there is similar speculation about the role that cosmetic surgery may have played. Of course, a filler like collagen or Restylane or Radiesse may have been used to give short-term fullness, it is also possible that lip implants have been used. But it could be just lip makeup for all we know.

Then another story has been moving around – that of her large breasts, since she has shown them a lot in the movie. Naturally, there was speculation that she opted for breast implants. In an interview with SkyNews, Simpson has categorically denied that she had plastic surgery and emphasized that her chest is 100% natural.

She had some other good tips for women with a large chest. She wants them to to show it. She prefers using hers as an accessory, she says. Related article: Which celebrities have had plastic surgery?

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