What to do during an emergency during plastic surgery

Since Star Jones has been tight-lipped about her condition during the recent breast lift surgery, the details are sketchy. According to one report, a clinic staff member called 911 saying that they have a patient on their surgery table and they couldn’t stop the bleeding. At that point the ambulance rushed to the clinic and she was taken to a hospital. As we have seen recently, Star Jones looks fine and appears to have perkier breasts – result of mastopexy and breast implants.

But what does this incident tell you about going under the knife? Pick your surgeon very carefully. Since most surgeries go just fine, we often assume that it is just like a visit to the spa, but as the case of Star Jones shows, it may not always be so. Therefore, while you are interviewing the surgeon, you may also want to ask about the procedure they have to handle emergencies. The question that you must ask, “What will you do when there is a medical emergency in my case?” And just to make sure, you want to find out the distance of the hospital that they would send you. For instance, if the hospital is too far or has a bad reputation, you might want to change surgeons. This issue is even more important if you are going overseas for surgery.

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