Plastic surgery – do it for yourself, not for others

Despite the fact that women fuss so much over their bodies (even Victoria Beckham recently complained how she looks and wants cosmetic surgery), men rarely notice all the little things that bother women. So it seems that when women do decide to have plastic surgery it is not because they have more men attracted to them it is just that when they have more self esteem and confidence, they are more successful in dating and in their relationships.

When Allured conducted a survey and tried to ask how much men cared about women with perfect body features, contrary to popular belief, men were not as enamored with surgical enhancements as pop culture and reality TV might suggest. In fact, men seem to abide by a “don’t ask, don’t tell” philosophy.

In their survey, as many as two-thirds of the men prefer that their romantic partners do not consider plastic surgery. You see similar reactions on many reality television programs on plastic surgery – most friends and family members of the patient like the candidate as she is.

In another question, 42% of the men surveyed had no desire to know whether their romantic partner has received a beauty-related procedure such as Botox, waxing (hair removal), fingernail and hair extensions. In other words, men do not care about the things that women do. So when you do want to have a cosmetic procedure, don’t do it for him – do it for yourself.

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