Botox for scar treatment

We have already learned that use of Botox is not limited to removing wrinkles. According to one study, Botox has proven to be a cure for depression. Now Mayo Clinic researchers have found that treating a facial wound in the early healing phase with botulinum toxin (or BOTOX) improves the appearance of a scar later. This is a huge finding since scarring is a major reason why people are reluctant to go under the knife.

“Our findings show that botulinum toxin offers an additional tool in preventing the formation of bad scars,” says Dr. Holger Gassner. “It will give us the option to optimize healing of forehead wounds in the first place and possibly allow us to avoid later surgeries to improve the scar’s appearance.”

The researchers found that an injection with Botox early after the occurrence of a wound — such as trauma from a dog bite, motor vehicle accident or assault, or from a skin cancer biopsy or removal — paralyzes the region, creating a smooth surface in which the wound can heal. This prevents muscle movement from wrinkling the wound site, allowing for a flat surface for healing and leaving a smoother final scar. The same process also could work if an unsightly older scar is surgically removed, and then Botox is injected into the wound at the time of the scar revision surgery, according to Dr. Gassner.

However, don’t ask your plastic surgeon yet to try it on you since this specific use for Botox is not approved by the FDA.

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