Breast augmentation plastic surgery

Everything you need to know before deciding

Breast augmentation is the most common form of cosmetic surgery performed in the United States. Women all over the country every year choose to not only enhance their appearance, but also their self-esteem.

Augmentation mammoplasty, the technical term that surgeons prefer, is any surgery performed on the breasts to improve their size or shape. This can include a lift, reduction, enhancement, and/or reduction.  (Related:  What type implants should you have:  saline or silicone)

This procedure provides women with the ability to accomplish many of their appearance goals by providing them with the look they desire. It allows women to:

  • Get the body contour they want
  • Reconstruct their chest after surgery
  • Look better in their clothes
  • Fell more confident about themselves
  • Purchase the bras they've always wanted
  • Balance breasts that are uneven
  • Reduce the size if they suffer from pain or cannot play sports
  • Make them symmetrical

This procedure can give you the appearance you have always wanted. However, breast augmentation is still surgery, and should not be taken lightly, according to Dr. Hendricks in Newport Beach, California. Your plastic surgeon should discuss the different risks and complications associated with the surgery. They should also provide you with before and after photos of patients they have worked on.

The reason so many women choose to improve their body with cosmetic surgery is to feel more confident about their appearance. After their operation, many women walk taller, and are happier because they no longer have to be self-conscious about the way they look.

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