Divorce after plastic surgery

It happens, but you can do something about it

We have emphasized that you consider all the risks of plastic surgery, but did you realize that there is another one that no one talks about much (but is a big one). Divorce. Yes, as many as 40% of the women leave their partner after they recover, according to a study conducted by Grazia. Even more tragic if the boyfriend/husband has financed the procedure.

In general though, plastic surgery has mostly positive outcomes. Seven out of ten people said that it had improved their sex lives and almost half said they had changed their job. But the divorce issue is quite disturbing. In a somewhat different vein, women who get a divorce often decide to undergo surgery to enhance how they look and improve their prospects with men.


Picture of a symbol of divorce.In an an episode of Dr. 90210, Dr. Robert Rey talked about these women. He mentioned that for many divorcees a plastic surgeon's clinic is the next stop after they have finalized their divorce. In other words, women are using cosmetic enhancements to pursue their dreams. In the same survey, of those  considering going under the knife, 64% thought that it would give them more confidence, 42% wanted to look younger and 13% admitted that they wanted to look more attractive to men. 

So if you are a man financing your wife's plastic surgery, what should you do? Don't deny it to her just because you are afraid of a breakup. Maybe you should get some surgery too. Just kidding! Women who leave their husbands/boyfriends after plastic surgery don't do it because they have become more attractive; they have simply gotten out of a dysfunctional relationship after their self esteem got a jump. A word of caution here, though.  Not all women will see an improvement in self esteem after cosmetic surgery if it is low because of something else.  They might have ended the relationship any way. The new found look was just a trigger. So if you think you have a problem in your relationship, you need to do something about it - plastic surgery or not.

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