Fraxel Laser Treatments

Are they for you?  What are the risks?  What to expect?

We have been talking about the types of laser treatment options available to improve appearance.  We started with a brief introduction and in this part we are talking about different types of lasers available. 

Image of a woman's leg that shows the result of Fraxel laser treatment.Fraxel Lasers

While non-ablative lasers are popular and demand for them is growing, competition is coming to the market in the form of Fraxel lasers. Non-ablative resurfacing requires a cooling system to avoid visible skin damage which makes it difficult to achieve benefits of optimal resurfacing. Also, the intensity of non-ablative resurfacing treatment has to be reduced to prevent scarring. With Fractional Resurfacing Technology, a new ablative technology, only a fraction of the skin receives the laser light. The laser delivers a series of microscopic closely spaced laser spots to the skin while simultaneously preserving normal healthy skin between the laser spots. This preservation of healthy skin results in rapid healing following the laser treatment. Fraxel lasers strive to achieve the skin  improvements obtained with ablative lasers without the associated side effects or downtime. 

Other types of lasers

Ablative laser treatment

Non-ablative lasers

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