Silicone high-strength gel implants

Gummy bear design is under trial now

The silicone implants may make a comeback to the United States since two companies that make them - Mentor and Inamed - have been granted approvable letters. While they have to fulfill some more requirements but it is highly likely that we will see these on the market relatively soon.  Even as the FDA is evaluating their safety, new questions have been raised by another study that shows that women who have had silicone implants show much higher levels of platinum in a dangerous form, and as much as 1,700 times higher than normal.

Silicone high strength gel implants are offering yet another breakthrough in cosmetic breast surgery, though some experts and consumers still worry about their safety. Originally designed for a softer, more natural look, the implants were previously only available to women who wanted to enlarge their breasts to sizes below a "D" cup. These implants are now undergoing clinical trial and a handful of surgeons are participating in the trial.  "For those women who want a more voluptuous look, we can now offer a safer, more natural feeling alternative than what had previously been available," said Dr. Grant Stevens, who performs the procedures at Marina Plastic Surgery. Using new high strength gel implants that vary in size from 600 to 1,000cc, Dr. Stevens can achieve cup sizes that range from "D" to "DDD."  (Related:  Breast augmentation pros and cons)

Like the smaller versions, larger high strength gel implants are made of a tightly constructed silicone that produces a semi-solid texture. This texture is similar to the feel of a "gummy bear" when cut and results in better shape retention. It also makes the implants less apt to leak- a potential health concern with older silicone implants. 

Other advantages of the high strength gel implant, when compared to saline implants, include a look that is more similar to natural breasts. The implant maintains its upright position and is less likely to cause folding and rippling. In addition, to achieve larger sizes, saline implants are often overfilled, which can result in hardness. Clients experience a softer feel with high strength gel implants.

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