Thread lift plastic surgery procedure

A lunchtime facelift

One of the earliest signs that we are aging happens when the middle part of the face loses its underlying attachments and droops with gravity. The change from fullness of the cheeks to fullness of the lower face is perceived as older and less vibrant. If you look at the face of a teenager or a person in her/his 20s, the fat is more evenly distributed throughout the face. On the other hand, for a person in 40s or 50s, there is more fat in the lower part.  (Related:  ContourLift)
Image of a man who received remarkable results after getting a plastic surgery procedure called thread lift.Who is a good candidate?

As the cheek fat pads begin to droop the lines along side of the nose and from the corner of the mouth deepen and become much more prominent. Jowls can also form along the jaw line contributing to the aged, tired, and haggard look. These changes can occur in spite of a healthy and active lifestyle because these muscles and tissues are largely unaffected by regular physical exercises. They are stubborn and resistant to treatment and often begin in the 30’s. 

The “threading” technique requires the surgeon to “thread” 6-18 barbed, permanent sutures through a hollow guide into the skin and the deeper soft tissue. This procedure does not pull the skin too tight and will not produce that taught, windblown look that is often a clear giveaway that you have been spending time at a cosmetic surgery clinic. Results are natural and show a restorative and refreshed type of improvement though not as good as a facelift for obvious reasons. (Related:  Noninvasive procedures)

It is important to understand that this "lunchtime facelift" is not true surgery since there is no skin removed. The surgeon essentially does all the work with a needle and thread and only local anesthesia is needed.
Cost and risks

The procedure takes less than an hour and costs about $2,000 (though prices vary by surgeon, location, individual condition, etc.).

Since the procedure is simple and does not take all that long, the recovery time is very short (it is minimally invasive surgery). In some patients dimples might appear and sometimes skin might accumulate in one area, but doctors know these complications and will correct them since each case is different and it is not possible to predict who will respond in what manner.

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