Better in 7: The Ultimate 7-Day Guide to a Better You book by Dr. Andrew Ordon

Since the last time I read tips on dieting from plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Speron, I have always been fascinated by people without a motive giving dieting advice.  You can add aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon (of The Doctors) to the same list of people who would be expected to motivate you to go under the knife but are instead giving tips on dieting, working out, and other health issues.  In his book “Better in 7: The Ultimate 7-Day Guide to a Better You.”  In this simple guide (available on Nook), he provides things that you can do other than cosmetic surgery to deal with problems like cellulite, fatigue, muffin top, and thunder thighs.

doctor andrew ordenNow, like Six Weeks To OMG or the I Can Make You Hot books both of which promise instant results, this book too creates the hype that somehow women can change everything in just seven days, but the reality is that not only most of us are unable to act so fast, considering all the challenges in life, things rarely change overnight, or shall we say, a week.  Dr. Ordon also sensationalizes what the book can do by adding, “Better in 7 allows women to achieve amazing results naturally without the exorbitant costs of plastic surgery and the weeks of recuperation.”  I am not convinced that the book will actually do anything that you will look in the mirror a week later and notice that it is a new you.

Having said that, if you do follow his tips carefully and in a disciplined manner, over many months you will notice a lot of positive changes.  We are all different and our bodies respond differently to whatever change we make.  Plus, we are not always able to do whatever a book recommends due to constrains of our everyday life, but my takeaway from this is that you should see results because these are reasonable suggestions.  He has some ridiculous sounding suggestions like applying peanut butter to eliminate stretch marks and it is indeed true that stretch marks rarely go away completely but this is a harmless treatment to try and who knows that in your case even if they don’t disappear completely, even if they don’t look as bad, goal accomplished.

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  1. I understand your skepticism towards this guide working in 7 days, but users have found that they do see minor results in seven days, and find that the workouts are so simple that they choose to keep up with them for longer, seeing even better results after the weeks to follow! The point is, while some of his recommendations may seem odd or a bit out there, he’s giving you alternatives to severe moves (such as plastic surgery).
    Dr. Andrew Ordon’s book “Better in 7″ is such a helpful guide that allows the user to better their bodies with several treatment recommendations! The best part is that it breaks it up into a 7-day guide, so the person working out doesn’t get overwhelmed! Like the author mentioned, this book is exclusively available at!

  2. would you please let me know were i could buy this book noone seems to have it
    Thank you Janice

  3. Available only for Nook owners on their online store. Unfortunately not an option for Amazon Kindle owners or those who read Kindle books on iPad or other devices. Also not available as hard copy.

  4. I have been trying to purchase the “Better in 7″ on my nook and have been unable to. I cannot find the author listed either. Would you please let me know what I need to do to get this book. Thanks

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