India outsources its plastic surgery

Considering the pace at which cheap Indian workers have been stealing jobs from rich countries, one would expect that Indian plastic surgeons will be relocating to the United States in the same manner that their computer programmers have planted themselves in the back offices of most Fortune 500 corporations (while they get still get paid Indian wages).  The way I am used to buying dirt cheap programming services, I was so ready for bargain basement prices for facelifts and tummy tucks, but that is not happening.

On the contrary, what I am finding out is that an American doctor will be performing cosmetic surgical procedures in India in the city of Mumbai, the entertainment capital of the country, where their version of Hollywood is based.  This is also the city where their celebrities live.  Those of you who remember Dr. Jason Diamond from Dr. 90210 television series, will be glad to know that apart from Dubai, he will be providing his services in India, Singapore, and Hong Kong once a quarter.

While Dr. Diamond specializes in facial surgery, don’t be discouraged if you would rather get butt implants.  He will be traveling with an entourage of specialists.  In his statement, Dr. Diamond is saying that rather that making patients in these countries travel to Beverly Hills for surgery, he will simply go there making it easy for them to have the surgery in their own countries and recover in their homes.

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